Damm shit got crazy round here but it seems like the east coast is flooded out, hope everyone is safe and sound. We got lucky and didnt get as much rain as they said and the trails fared well for how bad it got. The tarps didnt stay on and some trees fell down but its better then the trails getting flooded out. Here is a link to some photos from the halloween jam. Couple photos below of the damage get the chainsaws out this weekend, clean up time….

rad weekend

BMX at its funnest this weekend, despite how wet the trails were everyone came together and got everything running so good. Great turnout for the jam thanks to everyone who helped out, Adam Aloise for the awesome Mexican food, and big shout out to Fit and S&M. Little disappointed on the lack of costumes this year but the ones who did dress up did not disappoint. Swantz tied for best costume with English Alice and they wrestled for the prize. Leo Forte got fastest lap and Barnhart got longest lap, and everyone keeps talking about Dave King beating Jaybone’s time on fastest lap. Im sure some edits and photos will be popping up soon, but got a few photos below to hold you over. Check back for more soon…

jam update

Well it pissed down hard last night of course, just gonna run it and have the jam anyway. Got a bunch of English guys in town so might as well sprinkle black dust everywhere and some of Jaybones magic powder. Bring cash just gonna give stuff out first come first serve basis. Wear costumes it’s gonna get sick

Jam info, other stuff, randomness

I need to stop watching the weather its driving me nutz, yesterday the forecast for October 20th said 0% chance of rain today I check and it says 60%. That shit baffles me so I need to stop being addicted to weather watching. Anyway the jam can be the next day so will just see how things go, as we get closer. Adam Aloise hooked it up with food for the jam thou, he co-owns a Mexican restaurant in Delaware the Jalapeno Grill so will have a bunch of Mexican food to sell during the jam. Mutiny hooked it up once again and we have a 21 inch Lucky Strike to giveaway and Sunday is hooking up the winner of best costume with a Sunday Frame of your choice. Basically the winner contacts Sunday and can pick the size color and type, pretty sweet deal there, and gets it shipped out for free. Its cold outside go ride before it snows and check out this video Zee Germans made while they were here. I cant thank those dudes enough, all the out of towners and foreigners that come thru really keep the trails dialed and alive.