Jam info, other stuff, randomness

I need to stop watching the weather its driving me nutz, yesterday the forecast for October 20th said 0% chance of rain today I check and it says 60%. That shit baffles me so I need to stop being addicted to weather watching. Anyway the jam can be the next day so will just see how things go, as we get closer. Adam Aloise hooked it up with food for the jam thou, he co-owns a Mexican restaurant in Delaware the Jalapeno Grill so will have a bunch of Mexican food to sell during the jam. Mutiny hooked it up once again and we have a 21 inch Lucky Strike to giveaway and Sunday is hooking up the winner of best costume with a Sunday Frame of your choice. Basically the winner contacts Sunday and can pick the size color and type, pretty sweet deal there, and gets it shipped out for free. Its cold outside go ride before it snows and check out this video Zee Germans made while they were here. I cant thank those dudes enough, all the out of towners and foreigners that come thru really keep the trails dialed and alive.