Winter is back again, cold as heck just as we started claying stuff. Anyway started this new trail site blog, whatever you wanna call it. Pawoods is just gonna be Catty and Posh related stuff now, no more rants and whatnot. Im gonna post a bunch of trail related stuff on this new site since alot of kids ask the same questions. Hoping to get other trail diggers to post on there as well but we will see how that goes. So go check out trailrambling.com
Check back here thou for all your Catty and Posh updates, hopefully some digging photos soon and updates on what we got planned this year, once again big thanks to our sponsors. Support them as they keep the roots of BMX alive..

One thought on “Ramble

  1. What’s up! I’m moving back to Pennsylvania and I’m going to look into opening up a shop or bmx/skate clothing/art a local spot for a positive vibe! Not for the public to look at riders/skaters like trouble. To give to the communities and hold monthly events! I know a few good groups/people that would support! The Animal team to be one ! I want to know what the scene is like and a possible way to get up with some locals to figure a plan out! Maybe a way to get the youngins up and on some wheels of any sort! Anyone feel free to email me at vaesoner@yahoo.com

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