Wow finally some good weather. Remember benefit show July 5th and jam July 6th. Still a few more things to dial in at the woods so if you can give a hand this weekend that would be rad. Sorry I don’t update this as much anymore if you have Instagram add cattywoods. Try to add pics daily of the trails and now you can add videos so will be doing that as well. Go enjoy the outdoors…



benefit show and jam

Its been a rough trail season so far, by this time usually everything is done and we riding stuff but this spring didnt get enough rain or help so still got jumps to dial in. Good news is we got some rain now and are planning on doing a benefit show July 5th and a jam at the trails the next day. The show is at The Burners the address is 333 Brodhead Ave Bethlehem, PA 18015 . If you have free time come help out at the woods and get stuff rideable it would suck to have a jam and not have everything finished.

show flyer



show flyer