Well we got a lot of rain lately, typical north east summers anymore. Good thing is if weather forecast is right there isnt much chance of rain next couple days. The jam should go on, hopefully get some help fixing stuff up tomorrow. Either way will be riding the trails saturday or sunday depending on how things go with drying out and dialing in. We definitely need to raise some money for the trails thou its been awhile, so any donations this weekend are appreciated. Dont forget Friday night is the benefit concert in Bethlehem all money goes towards the trails as well. Treebell will be selling Catty Woods shirts at the show so if you didnt get the Iron Maiden one last year he made a couple more and a new epic Swantz themed shirt. If there are shirts left after the show will sell the rest at the trails. Check out trabmx.com for Gentilcore’s newest BMX venture. Some good things in the works so keep your ears to the ground for that.