Jam Success


Wow what a day, Im pretty sure that was the most successful jam ever. I cant believe how many people showed up despite the cold weather, and many thanks for all the donations. Once again shout out to S&M, Fit Bikes, Empire, and Mutiny for being great sponsors. It sucks it was so dry and trails blew out pretty bad by the end of the day but whatever everyone seemed to have a good time and its the end of the trail season so what a great way to go out. Check out Instagram for lots of pics and videos people have uploaded, Angel has already posted a gallery on trailrambling.com and Im sure other videos and stuff will be popping up soon. Also wanna thank Treebell for always making rad stuff to sell, this year it was bandanas, and Ted for grilling up food horsecostumes

Winners of best costumes the horse bikes which were so rad

The Belgiums have impressed everyone in the states with there riding, good to have them around


The English crew always come thru with rad costumes

briansquirrelBrian the squirrel with a rad handmade costume but he took a hard fall early so alot of people missed this sweet costume



Ekim riding early before the winds and blowouts came





Mid race action for the best costume



10 year old Brady Baker ripping


Halloween jam of coldness

Few reminders for the jam, it’s cold and windy so the trails might not ride to well so sorry in advance for that. Everyone please try to donate money we hate asking for money but at some jams guys will just ride roller run and not donate anything, buy food, shirts, etc. Say whats up to the locals and respect the trails. For those who don’t know there is no drinking and drugs at the trails due to the insurance. This shouldn’t even have to be said but some people think it’s our rule buts it not, so if someone is stupid enough to do drink or whatever Catty and Posh could get plowed in the process. Hope to see you all there in your costumes…



Autumn sessions in full effect, get hyped for the Halloween jam which is less then 2 weeks away on October 26th. Remember to bring cash will have food for sale, posters, etc all kinds of new goodies. Swantz put in effect a new trash rule which is whatever you bring to the woods take it back with you. Keep the woods clean we cant keep up with the trash anymore so please try to obey this. In other sweet news Treebell got a camera and made an edit already, its got a 1990s feel which is awesome and should get you stoked for the jam and all the new little lines that connect everything together. Once again big thanks to all the sponsors we couldn’t do it without you.  Barnhart is also doing a photo show at Axelrad after the jam, so yeah lots of goodness going on.. get pumped



Jam Happenings

Mutiny Bikes was nice enough to send out a new Villij frame for the jam. Robbo will be at the jam so figure why not have him pick the best costume and winner gets the frame. So you have 26 days to come up with a sweet costume, check below for ideas. Hopefully will have other stuff to give away and raffle off or something. Definitely couldn’t do it without all the great sponsors, support those companies, they know whats good for BMX. The weather is great now so enjoy the autumn sessions, so many foreigners in town there’s always a good session going down.