Jam Success


Wow what a day, Im pretty sure that was the most successful jam ever. I cant believe how many people showed up despite the cold weather, and many thanks for all the donations. Once again shout out to S&M, Fit Bikes, Empire, and Mutiny for being great sponsors. It sucks it was so dry and trails blew out pretty bad by the end of the day but whatever everyone seemed to have a good time and its the end of the trail season so what a great way to go out. Check out Instagram for lots of pics and videos people have uploaded, Angel has already posted a gallery on trailrambling.com and Im sure other videos and stuff will be popping up soon. Also wanna thank Treebell for always making rad stuff to sell, this year it was bandanas, and Ted for grilling up food horsecostumes

Winners of best costumes the horse bikes which were so rad

The Belgiums have impressed everyone in the states with there riding, good to have them around


The English crew always come thru with rad costumes

briansquirrelBrian the squirrel with a rad handmade costume but he took a hard fall early so alot of people missed this sweet costume



Ekim riding early before the winds and blowouts came





Mid race action for the best costume



10 year old Brady Baker ripping