Pizza Cutters

Keep a look out for razor scooter kids taking tarps off the jumps and trying to ride there little razor sharp wheels into the dirt. What a lack of respect but most of them are really young and prolly dont even have a clue what they are doing. Its a damm shame but how do you stop them or what do you do if you catch them in the act. At least we got a new edit from Doug from the end of the trail season, so check that out. Dont forget the Cranx jam on December 14th, its cold as heck already so indoor sessions are a good relief.



2013-11-25 14.05.16

Cranx Jam

Winter is pretty much here with below freezing temps and windy most days, so we got some stuff in store for this winter to get you thru the crap east coast winters. Cranx skatepark in Syracuse, NY is nice enough to let us have a jam at their park on December 14th and part of the profit that day goes to the trails. Thanks to the sponsors and Angel and Dale for setting this up. If you never been there its definitely worth it with a really long trail style jump line. We also might have some other parks on the east coast doing similar stuff throughout the winter so keep your eyes open for that. Check out the Belgium’s photo gallery here for all the photos they took while in American. Also check out the ECD website for a bunch of pics from the Halloween jam and while your there check out all the info on Butcher’s new bike shop in the area… support local