Mid Summer

Summer is coming and going fast like usual. Which brings us to everyone’s favorite time autumn. Wow there is a lot going on, everyone decides to do stuff in October. At least do some stuff in September to spread it out a little. The Halloween jam will go down but cant figure out a specific date, if anyone has any suggestions on some dates maybe even doing it the end of September. October 5th weekend is the first major TRA event, and Eric Bugbee’s movie Heroes of Dirt is finally getting its big premiere release October 25th. In between that is a bunch of other stuff going on most of it not in the area, but yeah cant really pinpoint a good date and the weather is always a factor. The Posh crew is also keen on doing something big for the end of the trail season in October. Speaking of autumn you can finally watch the Dig X Catty edit on youtube instead of the crappy mpora player. Its sad that Dig wont be a magazine anymore but they will be producing some good online content so keep an eye out for that.
977592_0f706169bbf54d9988de0a2e9f9b51bf.png_srz_p_980_613_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz tra_double_cross_dirt_jump_comp_graphic_2014

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