Trails are Nice


I hope this string of good weather continues, this has got to be the best weather we ever had for a summer. Not too much rain, not too hot just perfect amount of awesomeness. More people need to come out and enjoy the trails. Labor day weekend which is coming up shortly come ride Catty and Posh. Get a half session at one trails in the afternoon and evening session at another, or ride one trails one day and the other trails the next day, whatever just come chill and ride and bbq. The Halloween jam is most likely going to be October 26th. Plan ahead to go see the world premiere of Heroes of Dirt Saturday night and ride in crazy costumes Sunday at Catty. Saturday during the day there will be a chill session at Posh and maybe some kind of contest at the Heroes of Dirt premiere. Just a friendly reminder, please water the trails before riding them, help out the locals and keep the trails dialed.







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