A lot of stuff happened

The weekend couldnt of went better, even with the cold and windy weather Sunday. Big thanks to everyone who helps out, donates, all the sponsors, once again its not possible to keep the trails going without everyone’s help. Ill let all the photos do all the talking Im sure you can find tons of media all over the web from the Heroes of Dirt festival, Posh Jam, and Catty Halloween Jam.

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Weekend Happenings

There’s something for everyone this weekend, and the weather should be good lets just hope it isnt too windy like its been lately.
Saturday you got the Posh jam going on, which is real laid back vibe, just bring your bike and ride. Also have stuff going on for the ramp and street riders over at the Allentown 6th and Hamilton parking lot before the Heroes of Dirt movie premiere. Register here for the contest. Also have the big movie premiere at night and lots of parties and stuff going on, make sure you get a ticket if you dont have one. Then Sunday is the Halloween Jam at Catty, remember everyone must pay 5 dollars. EVERYONE must park in the grass field off pearl street, please don’t park in the neighborhoods or piss the neighbors off.
We have lots of little contests and stuff going on, wear a costume and win some sweet stuff, we got custom FBM bars made just for that day. Big thanks to all the sponsors and everyone else who goes above and beyond. Treebell and everyone at Axelrad who prints shirts for everyone, those dudes dont get enough props for what they do. Thanks to Gentilcore for doing all the behinds the scene stuff for the trails. A lot of stuff goes on to make the trails happen every year so thanks again for another kick ass year.

Heroes of Dirt

Next weekend is the big Heroes of Dirt movie premiere. We built some ramps for the contest beforehand so make sure you register on the site to ride in the contest. One thousand dollars is up for grabs for first place so all you ramp and street riders sign up for sure. Tickets are still available for the movie so hit up the Heroes of Dirt site and get tickets. Watch the movie and after party then the Catty Halloween jam the next day.


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Halloween Jam


The TRA Double Cross event was a success, check out trabmx.com for coverage that should be popping up any day. Dig already has a sweet photo gallery, not to mention daily content that is always good, bummer they are not doing the magazine anymore but at least they are doing rad stuff online still.

Got a bunch of rad news for the jam, we are doing a High and Low air contest and Deluxe is giving away a frame for the winner, you wont get the frame that day. You get to pick the size and color so you actually want the frame instead of getting a color and size you dont like. The low air contest is something new we are trying you can not case the jump but you can get your back end as low as you can to win a sweet prize package from all of our sponsors. TRA is doing the fastest lap like we always do and a pump track contest for the young kids. Also we have best costume prize pack and BBQ food for sale. Everyone must pay 5 dollars at least, it sucks we have to enforce this but way too many kids show up and dont donate, if you dont have 5 dollars you can not watch or ride. The 5 dollars gets you in all the contests thou. Will have limited edition shirts for sale. Once again we couldnt keep the trails going without all the awesome sponsors so please support them. See you on the 26th of October




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This weekend is the big TRA doublecross event, weather might be rainy Saturday so keep checking the TRA site for info. Everyone from the trails will be there so please dont go to the trails, if you wanna come watch the event send an email to TRA. Lately a lot of people have been disrespecting the trails, I hate to even have to mention these things but this should all be known by now. I know we built a pump track to get young kids involved with the trails more but everyone needs to understand if the trails are locked and no locals are there you shouldnt be there. Another big thing is its been a dry season so please help water the trails and if jumps are blown out fix them before it gets unrideable. No alcohol at the trails either this goes for Posh as well, this is not are rule its an insurance issue, if you need to drink go to the local bars. The biggest thing is everyone needs to realize we pay a lot of money every year to keep the trails going so please respect the trails and support our sponsors S&M, FIT, Empire and Mutiny.

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