This weekend is the big TRA doublecross event, weather might be rainy Saturday so keep checking the TRA site for info. Everyone from the trails will be there so please dont go to the trails, if you wanna come watch the event send an email to TRA. Lately a lot of people have been disrespecting the trails, I hate to even have to mention these things but this should all be known by now. I know we built a pump track to get young kids involved with the trails more but everyone needs to understand if the trails are locked and no locals are there you shouldnt be there. Another big thing is its been a dry season so please help water the trails and if jumps are blown out fix them before it gets unrideable. No alcohol at the trails either this goes for Posh as well, this is not are rule its an insurance issue, if you need to drink go to the local bars. The biggest thing is everyone needs to realize we pay a lot of money every year to keep the trails going so please respect the trails and support our sponsors S&M, FIT, Empire and Mutiny.

2014-09-22 12.35.38

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