Spring dig

I don’t even know why I have to remind people but you don’t need to ask to help dig at Catty or Posh. We could always use the help, especially now in the spring. The carpets and quads help so much but still if we had extra help we could be riding the trails sooner. So many people ride the trails in the summer and fall especially the weekends. Just come once a month on the weekends to help out. You find time to ride the trails when there dialed so find sometime now to help out. No one gets banned from not digging but all we ask is some help here and there from people we see all summer but don’t see in the spring. The trails are there for everyone to enjoy. Help at Catty on Saturday and Posh on Sunday or vice versa. I hope to see some new faces this weekend. Maybe will start having BBQs if we get enough people down. Trails don’t build themselves….