May the 4th…

Does anyone even look at websites anymore. I think the internet is mostly for Instagram and Facebook. Anyway hate to complain but that’s what trail builders do when the weather isn’t going there way. Spring time is when rain is most crucial. This year has been bad, like real bad to the point of nothing is really getting done. If anyone has a water truck or any good ideas that are not really an expensive way of getting water let us know. Man even if we had a water truck for one day to borrow that be sweet. Trucking in water using those 200 gallon containers is ok but we really need a hose hookup. I dont think the town is up for letting us use there water either since we are in a drought.

2015-04-26 13.35.45

2 thoughts on “May the 4th…

  1. heavy news about your drought dude. I hope things turn around soon for ya’s. Looks like the conditions we get out here! hang loose. rhysty.

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