Good to see a BMX video feature a lot of trails in. The new Backbone video is out and you can order it from Canyoudigitbmx. Definitely check this out and don’t forget about the Credence video that came out which has tons of trails in it. If the weather is good come ride the trails on the weekend.

New Photos





Pretty cool photos from recent sessions. Jim Trocchio took them, he doesn’t even ride he’s just interested in shooting riding photos which is cool. Super nice weather now its good to enjoy the trails. For all the people wondering about young kids coming to ride, the trails are meant for more expert riders. Were hoping to get a permanent pump track in Catty where young kids can learn and ride much smaller stuff to get them ready to ride bigger things. People are welcome to come check the trails out but remember its not a playground and can be dangerous so know the risks.


Damm this summer has not been sweet, tstorms on the daily. This week forecast looks good for once so if you wanna ride come out this weekend and lets get some laps in at Catty and Posh. The flat bottoms are pretty wrecked from all the rain as well, so need some help dialing. Just seen Deluxe new site which is pretty sweet, check out the video below.

Need to Ride Trails More

Weather has been crazy lately, jam at Catty on Sunday was sweet but sucked we couldn’t get to ride Posh. I think everyone on the east coast is getting fed up with the rain. You don’t get rain when you need it and when you don’t need rain thats all it seems to do. I hate to complain but when you get 2 actual rain days in the spring when you actually need it and now when you just wanna ride it rains for 24 out of the last 30 days its pretty shit. Big thanks to everyone who did come out and help get the trails going. We were all talking and said if we get more weekends like that we can ride more. So this weekend the forecast looks good so were hoping to get Posh running, so don’t be shy and come down lend a hand. Just from everyone being around this weekend you can see what can be done with so many people. Posh is hoping to do a big proper jam in August so stay tuned for that. More people just need to come around on the weekends, I remember Minersville back in the day it didn’t have to be a jam but any weekend you went there the trails were packed and it was always a good time. That needs to happen again we got tons of jumps at Catty and Posh lets make it a good weekend anytime it isn’t raining. Freeze pops for everyone….