Jam Info


The Jam is only 2 weeks away, so here is all the info. October 24th is Catty and 25th is Posh. Please try to donate 5 dollars for the weekend, it helps cover the cost for insurance and I know a lot people donate but some just show up at Jams ride roller run all day and then leave without donating buying food or shirts. We are going to hide some bike parts at Catty and Posh, so keep a look out for handlebars, tires, stems, etc. Will also have a raffle at Catty and have gift cards from Empire and other random bike parts. Also limited edition hats and tshirts for sale that weekend only. A rock ball tournament will go down at some point at Catty and part of the money goes back to the trails. Also best costume wins a Mutiny Villij frame. Once again big thanks to our sponsors who sent a bunch of goodies to give away. Please support those companies who give back to BMX in a big way. Please respect the neighbors and park far away from the trails.




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