RIP Dave Mirra

BMX lost a legend, not much else to say. The world is a confusing place. Everyone be kind to each other and ride to have fun.


If you need some good humor and take your mind off things watch Turbo Kid its on Netflix now and available for download.

One thought on “RIP Dave Mirra

  1. My best times spent growing up were with friends BMXing. I had not one friend that wouldn’t have like to become as good as Dave Mirra one day. He was simply the best. And you felt like he was your friend, incredibly nice guy. Watching the X Games and Mirra as a kid was simply awesome.
    Having played sports in high school and college, it’s a strange thing when little kids want a five, or are looking up to you. All you feel is stress and the hard work that the youngsters don’t see. But it’s who you wanted to be, and when it’s over… You feel lost, incredibly lost. Don’t get me wrong I’m not famous and nowhere near as athletic as Dave but in the slightest way I feel like I can relate.
    But, it hurts to have such an admired person growing up go away like he did. Maybe he had CTE. Maybe as a star his relationships with others felt hollow. He probably did feel lost. It’s hard to fathom suicide. I wish he could have talked to the right person, or spend as much time on himself to heal as all the time he spent with the Greenville community.
    Mostly, I wish all at once he could feel the joy of all those that ever looked up to him. He’d have the biggest god damn smile on his face. We’ll miss you Dave. Rest In Peace.

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