Well this spring is off to a shit start, last year was bad and never thought this year could be as bad or even worse. First off we spent a lot of work in the winter collecting water to be prepared for a dry spring again. Then just the other day all of our water containers were emptied and some broken. If anyone has any info on who did it we will have a cash reward this is no joke. The trails have been getting messed with for years, its got to be the same people. Things stolen, just weird random things happening. Its getting out of hand there is no point in letting water out of storage containers unless they planned on stealing them. This year we have tools stolen all of our propane tanks and other weird things. We have tried taking precautions but it doesn’t even help and just makes more work on top of things we don’t already have time for. No one has respect anymore, we provide a free place for people to come ride bikes and in return we are constantly getting screwed. Its stupid to even have to complain about this but enough is enough, it hasn’t rained once this spring so yeah if it ever does rain maybe by August will have the trails running. Come down on the weekends you don’t have to help just come hang out talk shit. We need more people riding bikes in the woods… stay positive and have fun


Ride Time

Had some good weather took off the tarps did some quading and the jumps are rideable. Come ride its always a good time on the weekends. Watch the video below for the origin of Catty Woods many years ago.