Halloween Jams and League of Nations

halloweenjamflyerWe are starting to plan for the Halloween Jams, if any companies wanna help out with products or whatever let us know. Its always a good weekend and the more stuff we have to give out the better and get some money for the trails. We usually dont ask for money at jams unless its a donation but we want everyone to try to throw 5 dollars towards the trail insurance, etc.

I guess everyone decided to visit at once its crazy right now, seems like every country from Europe is here right now. Most people we ever had which is awesome. Only bad thing is it hasn’t rained in over a month. If anyone wants to come down on the weekends and let us use there truck to get water that would be sweet. We need as much water as we can get with all the people riding and no rain in site. Also try to take your trash with you, and fix anything you case or lips you blow out it.


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