Jam Post

What a good turnout Sunday was, despite crazy winds and cold weather a lot of people came out to the jam. Thanks to everyone who helped keep the trails running good and donated money and whatnot. Once again thanks to all the sponsors S&M Bikes, Fit Bike Co, Mutiny, Deluxe, Action Wheels and Merritt. Check out ShutterDestruction.com for a bunch of awesome photos from the jam. Going to make a web video from the jam so keep checking back for that soon. Best trick went to Fifty Foe, best Costume was Tommy T, and Fastest Lap went to TJ Ellis.

One thought on “Jam Post

  1. ah bon ? parce que l’on est responsable de ce qu’a fait sa famille (si tant est qu’elle ait fait quelque chose de &lpbbo;&nusp;mal&nqsa;», ce dont je ne suis pas certain).Trouvez-nous d’autres arguments SVP, ou dites ce que vous pensez réellement !

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