PA woods video history

Heres a little background on each video that has been released since we first started doing them in Barnhart’s basement on a VCR.

Young Pa – Im not really sure when this came out maybe 1997 early 1998, it took awhile just to get a full copy onto a VHS tape because none of us knew what we were doing.

Existence – Another video with a long time in the making, coming out sometime in 1999. This was mostly filmed by Preston and Nick, and has one of the best soundtracks to date I believe. Existence part 2 still might be in the making.

The Vid 2000 – Another video made with a VCR and a Sony handycam. Influenced by Props and there credit sections at the end. I think this had more credits/antics then actual riding. 

More Glitches Then That 2001 – This was when technology was starting to get a lot better. Fun fact thou when was this was sent out to get duplicated onto VHS tapes they came back with the time stamp on all the copies. It made no sense because we didn’t film with the date showing on the camera but somehow they got it to show up on every copy. Anyway thats how it got the name and a lesson was learned.

This Diminishing Scene 2002 – This was around a time when a lot of trails were getting plowed or were about to and things were not looking good. A pretty big change in things to come after this year.

Nam Vid 2003 – I completely forgot about this video, Im not even sure how many copies were made which was still VHS. This was the last footage from Nam and maybe Pipeline as well.

Pawoods 2004 – Not sure which video was released first in this year. It might of been this one because it still might of been VHS tapes, and the Sicker DVD was a DVD. This was the beginning of the Catty era and getting better quality videos out.

Sicker DVD 2004 – This was more like a compilation of things. This was coming off Birdman’s injury at The Ghetto Street Comp. There was Existence put on DVD for the first time. A Lenny Halloween section and some other random stuff thrown in.

Danny Dangits Backyard 2005 – This video is a lot of peoples favorite so thats pretty cool. I think this is the last footage from Minersville in this one. Fun Fact Danny Dangit is alive and crazier then ever.

Fun Vid 2006 – Im not even sure what the official name of this video is, I think at one point it was called The Edgar Vid, but copies I have say Fun Vid on them.
This was the start of the use of tarps at trails as you can see in clips there on some random jumps.

Save the Woods 2007 – This was the only video to really have individual sections in them. Really good stuff in here. Brian Foster’s famous scrub over the big roller which is no longer there but people still think it is, hehehe.

Summer of 08 – First video filmed in HD, and had some legit cases made with nice covers. Was cool to do this video the right way and get lots of copies made.

Pawoods 10 year Anniversay – 2009 last video ever released, because to break even you have to get a ton of copies made, and because its a big gamble trying to make Dvds. Since then its been easier to make sections here and there and put them on Vimeo for people to watch for free.

Thanks again to everyone buying them and they will only be available for a short time for sale, and I’m working on getting some copies of the Nam Vid DVD so they should be up for sale on here soon.