Check this video out made by the infamous Fifty Foe. Sucks the situation that happened with the trails. If you want to know more check out Canyoudigit for more insight and other trail news.
We had some nice weather recently but things look to be taking a turn for a pretty extended winter which sucks cause we got an early start on digging but who knows whats next. As long as the weather is nice and there isn’t snow on the ground don’t be shy to come down and help out at Catty and or Posh.

One thought on “54

  1. Thanks for the love…it’s funny cause the mountain bike park had another discussion online,and a dude posted this page after talking about the controversy with my jumps in the park.he was saying,check this page n see wut real trails are about…and lil did they or i know,theres a post of me at the bottom!lol…that was really funny n people were like…wtf,and then they turned off the conversation…thank you guys…I tried to create a scene like up there down here but people are str8 kooks down here

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