open invitation

Catty has been around a long time now and people have come and gone and its a bummer everyone is getting older and free time is hard to come by. We want it to be known that anyone can come anytime, I know people are scared to show up and dig and mess something up or there rumors if you don’t dig enough you can’t ride. Actually the trails are there for everyone to enjoy, just come out and ride, hangout, dig whatever. I think the concept of having fun on a bike is slowing fading away. The trails are its own ecosystem and need people to keep it alive whether its digging or riding. Just respect the trails like watering and trapping but don’t be scared to come down and ride. Over the years a lot of people have put in more then enough time digging to ride whenever they want now. Sorry if I miss some names but some of these people should start coming around to ride its been way to long.. Jody, Keck, Ron, Dillman, Abeuranus, Bo, Bobe, Fro, Jay McDonald, Steve McQueen, Leegums, Sal, Sam, Messer, Denman, Instadiggles, all the New York guys basically, Drew Jenkins, Craig Kleckner, Angel Rod, Big Daddy, Wish, Danny Boy, Rod and Todd, Barry, and the list can go on…

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