fifty foe

A gofundme page has been set up for Fifty Foe after breaking his femur and needing surgery. The health care system is still so messed up, and wether you have insurance or not any major medical surgery will cost money, so if you have any money to spare send it his way.

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Benefit show and podcasts 

Sorry this is last second but there will be a benefit show this Friday in Bethlehem at the burners, some of the proceeds go to the trails and it’s a Halloween cover song night. 

Also if you like podcasts check out The BMX in our Blood on iTunes. It’s cool to see a BMX focused podcast because there are really none out there.

Posh High Air 

What a crazy day yesterday, a lot of good stuff went down but with that comes some injuries. Fiftyfoe went for it all on the high air and ended up breaking his femur, the guy is tough as nails send him some good vibes. I also seen Evan Eisenhard all beat up and his hand not looking good from a crash, hopefully he will be alright. Nutter did something to his hamstring so give him a Hamm’s. At the end of the day it was Clint Reynolds who took the the High air title once again.