Dates, jams, events…

We decided to set a schedule this year for all the stuff going on at Catty and Posh. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to plan trips and get more people psyched on the trails. As the dates get closer will have more info on them, any ideas or help contact us. We are planning to do like a digging jam weekend on April 21-22 and at Catty we want to do a Midschool style swap meet. People can come and set up tables and sell stuff old and new. Anyone interested in this event send an email. Also might be doing another fundraiser dinner coming up and some kind of motorcycle ride. We also hope this will get more people in the area involved in the trails. I know its hard for some people to make it down or are scared but these events are encouraged for anyone to come and help build a better and bigger trail community for everyone to enjoy. Here’s looking to a have a great 2018 and good weather.


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