I’ll try to keep this post positive. The digging/mid school day went off pretty good, it would of been cool if more people showed up to buy stuff but that’s the way it goes. The next day at posh barely anyone showed up. I get everyone is busy these days, and it’s hard to make time. But just realize even if you put it an hour it helps so much, so much work needs to be done to get the trails rolling. I know people make the time to ride them come summer and fall. I wish they didn’t take all this work to get them going but it’s the name of the game. So May 26th and May 27th try to make an effort to come out to either trails not even sure if anything will be rideable by then. Big thanks to jaybone for doing so much work for the midschool day. Also if your not listening to the BMX in our blood podcast your missing out. Look out for an interview about catty woods and swantz coming soon on there.

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