Winter time

If you are not listening to The BMX in our Blood podcasts you are missing out.  Joe really does a great job with this format of BMX content and we are lucky to have it. It always seems like BMX is always changing and I been thinking about that a lot lately. The way content is taken in is so different now. Im sure everyone misses magazines and DVDs but its just the way things evolve and change. Definitely check out RidePABMX and check out the cool stuff they are doing with print media and other outlets of content. I think its important we all support each other and keep things positive. I really liked the sunset ranch podcast and just really hearing about everyones different takes on trails and whatnot. I don’t think there is any right way to dig or build trails, all dirt is different and you gotta figure out what works for your trails. Everyone can have their opinions and that’s fine. For example at Catty we might be too worried about how the jumps ride and look but really its just the way we like it and take pride in our work. We want everyone to come and ride smooth trails and have a good time, and it can get a little too meticulous at times, but we figured out what works for us might not work at other trails. At the end of the day its great to see all the new trails popping up all over the world and other trails lasting as long as they do. keep on digging

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