Merry Digmas

Winter digging tip – Try digging later in the day on a warm day to dig up big chunks of frozen dirt for quick easy stacking. Best to use a pic ax and try to get under the frozen layer and pull up. Moving a wheel barrow around in the mud and thawing ground can be a task try laying down a layer of thick leaves and make a path from where you moving dirt to.

Winter riding spots

With the trails not rideable for the next few months heres some spots to ride in the winter.

Kutztown concrete park opened this summer and is a nice little spot to rip around. Located in Kuztzown Park.

Camp Olympic pump track was recently paved and is an awesome place to get laps anytime.

Penn skate keeps building new stuff so another good spot to hit in the winter. And if your up for a drive theres always the Wheel Mill and Rays.