Don’t Drive into The Woods

Someone drove a vehicle into the woods recently and caused a bunch of damage. For now the access road to the trails is blocked until we get some kind of gate or chain so this doesn’t happen again.




_MG_1914 copy


Check out the defgrip site for bunch of rad photos from Barnhart and Tasha from Catty.

Catty Clay

This spring we’re gonna start doing Catty Clay Saturdays. Its going to be a loose format at first that anyone is welcome to come to Saturday mornings to learn how to dig and ride trails. Its definitely aimed for the younger generation but anyone is welcome. If you been hesitant into getting into trails now is the time, we wanna make the trails welcoming for anyone and all skill levels as well. We have three loaner bikes 20, 18, and 16 inch people can ride if they have don’t have a bike or the proper bmx bike. Hopefully this will organically grow into something cool and we are open to ideas.