End of the Season

End of trail season is quickly approaching but hope to get some decent sessions in before it gets too cold. October 31st anyone is welcome to come ride and help on leaf duty.

November 14th will be carpeting the trails and getting them ready for winter anyone who can come help would be really awesome.

Jam info

Week away to the High Air back to back extravaganza, Catty High Air starts at 2pm on the shark fin. After that we are doing a best costume prize and have a rad prize for that. Then the raffle with lots of cool costume things made. We got local kombucha giveaways and CBD all the way from Colorado thanks to Root n Rocks farms.

Sunday is High Air at Posh at 2pm on the Butcher for the last time. Next year will be a new contest concept. If you win both High Airs we got a rad custom prize.

Will have socks for sale, Tasha and Ekim killed it on the design. Also a new Posh shirt for sale. Check all the photos below.