cinco de dig jams

Big thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to help dig and dial. We get so much done when a crew is in the woods. Coming up on May 4th and 5th will do it again, the more people the better dont be shy.
Hoping to have shirts for sale and will have more Catty Candles for sale for sure. Bring chips and guacamole if you want, lets make it fun times digging and guacing.



Security cameras

We now have surveillance at Catty Woods, because too many people have been stealing stuff, walking all over jumps, ripping tarps, etc. It’s a shame things come to this but people don’t respect hard work and private non profit trails.

This Saturday and Sunday are the digging jams at Catty and Posh. It’s supposed to rain Friday and slight chance Saturday no matter what will be at Catty, it’s easier to get stuff done when it’s wet anyway.

Digging jams

April 6th and 7th we having digging jams at Catty and Posh. Any extra help is good to get the trails running. I know some people are super busy and don’t have time or they think whatever time they do have it’s not enough to earn laps. Well that’s not the case any help is better then no help. You don’t need to earn laps. If you scared to work on stuff when no one is around just send a message on Instagram and ask. There’s tons of work to be done, even just dumping wheelbarrows of clay next to jumps so it’s there is a big help. Don’t be scared to dig, Swantz is at Catty most days so he can point you in the right direction what to work on. The more we work together and help we get the faster we can ride the trails. Thanks again ….