Jams and such

Time is flying by, its June already and scheduled jams are weeks away. As for now everything is kinda not set in stone. The youth jam might be getting pushed to a later date. The 4th of july jam should happen as scheduled. With everyday being so uncertain its really hard to plan stuff but hopefully things will work out soon enough and some kind of normal will return. We cant wait for everyone to get to the trails and see all the changes and ride smooth dialed jumps in the woods. stay tuned for updates

On hold

Everything is pretty much on hold for now, digging jams and really anything else we have planned going forward until things go back to normal. Stay safe and sane out there


Crazy times right now, no clue what’s next and when things will be normal again. As for the dig jams coming up we can still have them (we hardly ever have a large crowd). Everyone just needs to be smart and keep distance. Its good we have the woods to escape to in this very scary time, but we have to treat this as serious as we can.
two videos below to enjoy with all the down time we have. be safe …

Coronavirus free

Here’s the 2020 trail schedule. As far as having gatherings over 50 people i think we usually fall under that number. I know we living in some pretty unusual times right now but the trails are a good place to escape to. be safe out there and make good judgement calls.

Catty clay Saturday’s

The first catty clay saturday was awesome even with the cold temps. This saturday looks to be warmer and hoping to even get more people out. As long as it isnt raining every Saturday will be out digging. This Saturday will have the loaner bikes available for people to ride the pump track in.

Also check out @compression_bmx on Instagram to help them out with La Source trails