20 Years of Catty Woods

2023 will be 20 years since Catty started, pretty crazy to think, but time flies. If you subscribe on Instagram you can see a bunch of old photos and videos from over the years. Here’s some old photos as well thanks to Brian Barnhart for unearthing some of these.

2022 edit

Great autumn sessions this year. Was rad to have so many visitors, plan your trips for next year. Catty and Posh thrive on people coming thru on trips and staying around to ride and help maintain etc. Thanks to everyone who helped and all the donations..

Halloween jam

Sick edit down below. Jam weekend was awesome, couldnt of asked for a better turnout and raised some funds for the insurance. October 29th looking to have a end of the season session. Anyone who wants to come ride is welcome.

Halloween jams

You know the drill Halloween jam saturday october 8th. High Air contest on secret jump. Wear a costume win something cool, dont wear a costume dig a wheelbarrow of clay. Swantz trick jump is back and its a 30 minute session with random prizes for doing cool stunts. Bike of the year is being voted on during the day you want your bike in bring it to the jam.

Mosh at Posh Round 2 is sunday october 9th. Jam session on butcher and set back with multiple awards.