Frame Raffle

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Sorry no more stickers left, you can still enter and be entered in the virtual raffle.

This fundraising project has been a long time in the making, thanks to Brian Froustet for making it all happen, he likes to give back to the BMX scene in anyway. There was a lot of people involved in making this happen as well so please support them in any way you can. We have 30 different prizes up for grabs that are available to anyone worldwide. If you live in the United States you will get sent a Catty and Posh sticker pack as well for entering the raffle.

The two top prizes are pictured here.

This was custom made by Work Frames and
the head tubes were made by Derrick Girard. Painting was done by ADC Powdercoating


The Posh frame stickers are a homage to the 1994 S&M Dirt bike. Thanks to Laura Behler for doing that and the Posh frame photos.

We also have 8 head tube badges and 10 Catty Limited Edition shirts and 10 Posh Limited Edition shirts. Thanks to all the people involved in this not to mention Axelrad Screenprinting and TJL photos.

Catty/POSH Frames

TT 21”

HT 74 degrees

ST 71 degrees

BB Height 11 5/8”

CS 13.5 Slammed

Stand Over 9 1/4”

Welled CS 990 brake mounts