Memorial Day

Its crazy to think we used to have jams on Memorial Day. Almost all the jumps were running by then, well thats not the case anymore. Bad weather and way too many piles to maintain make it a task every year to get everything running. We appreciate the help of anyone for sure thou. This Saturday the 25th if anyone wants to come down early and lend a hand and we gonna try something new and if people want help or tips on digging will be there to teach and answer questions etc. Come down anytime after 9 and maybe will even get some riding in this weekend. enjoy the woods

may the 4th be with you

Got some cool stuff going on for the dig jam at Catty coming up on May 4th. Will be doing wheelbarrow filling contests to win gift cards to True Serenity Massage, big thanks to Tracey for this. Come to the trails around 12 if you wanna participate in this. Also will have Catty Candles for sale and custom limited edition Flannels handmade by Alvree.


cinco de dig jams

Big thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to help dig and dial. We get so much done when a crew is in the woods. Coming up on May 4th and 5th will do it again, the more people the better dont be shy.
Hoping to have shirts for sale and will have more Catty Candles for sale for sure. Bring chips and guacamole if you want, lets make it fun times digging and guacing.