Its winter time still, a good way to pass the time is listening to podcasts. A lot of bmx ones popping up lately and links of them  below for easy access to listening whether you have an iPhone or not. Gromdad Joe Doherty is the podfather of Bmx podcasting with the Bmx in our Blood series which has the most extensive interviews, so I would start there. Some of them below haven’t had a new episode in awhile or not all are BMX related but its cool to check out and see who they interviewed.

Chris Doyle podcast 

Space Brothers podcast

Dig Magazine podcast

Dennis Enerson podcast

The Rollback Podcast

The Expansion Project 

TJ Lavin Podcast

RideBMX podcast

ImprimaturBMX podcast 

2019 schedule

Here’s all the dates for the year.

The Posh Labor Day jam is going to celebrate 25 years of Posh, we got some cool stuff planned for that. Also the high air on butcher will go down as well. August 10th we having a jam geared towards kids and thanks to the Halahans for this idea. The Halloween jams will be great as usual lots of fun stuff planned. Thanks to the big sponsors S&M, Fit, and empire…