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  1. jimmy permalink

    Where are trails located

  2. MARISSA permalink

    Were is this at?

  3. David Bicking permalink

    Where are you guys located

  4. Gabriel Loaiza permalink

    Yo i like riding bmx i seen you bmx parks on Facebook may i have The adress to your Park

  5. Bret Parker / @Bart_Taylor permalink

    Hello. I am in Bethlehem for a family wedding until Monday the 28th. I know catty is in the area. I dig down in Texas and would love to get a chance to check it out and help dig or help in any way possible. I don’t have a bike so I’m just wanting to go buy a couple shovels and a rake or broom, dig and play in the golden dirt for a couple hours. I will leave the shovels and rake with you guys when I’m done. If this is a possibily, please shoot me aan address or street of how to get there. Sunday the 27th will be the day I can come.

  6. Ike Berner permalink

    Do you guys have a flyer for the 4th of july trail jam? I know the 4th falls on a tuesday this year so the jam will take place on the 1st and 2nd. I’m doing a flatland jam in catty on that saturday in conjunction with your jam. A flyer is being made for my event right now. If you have one i’d like to piggy back off of yours to make this an all weekend event.

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