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Jam Info


The Jam is only 2 weeks away, so here is all the info. October 24th is Catty and 25th is Posh. Please try to donate 5 dollars for the weekend, it helps cover the cost for insurance and I know a lot people donate but some just show up at Jams ride roller run all day and then leave without donating buying food or shirts. We are going to hide some bike parts at Catty and Posh, so keep a look out for handlebars, tires, stems, etc. Will also have a raffle at Catty and have gift cards from Empire and other random bike parts. Also limited edition hats and tshirts for sale that weekend only. A rock ball tournament will go down at some point at Catty and part of the money goes back to the trails. Also best costume wins a Mutiny Villij frame. Once again big thanks to our sponsors who sent a bunch of goodies to give away. Please support those companies who give back to BMX in a big way. Please respect the neighbors and park far away from the trails.



Web Vids

After a long hiatus decided to start filming again. I keep hearing that BMX is dead or in a bad spot, I try not to pay attention to that stuff, but whatever people come and go but will always be in the woods having fun. If your into street or ramp whatever it is as long as your having fun just do it for you. Got some good stuff coming so keep checking the site, if your into it spread the videos around, link it up, tweet it, gram it. Just wanna show the fun side of BMX.


Damm its October trail season is winding down and we have a lot of rain lately which sucks. Getting excited for the Halloween jam on October 24th, Mutiny hooked us up with a Camo Villij frame which is awesome that goes to the winner of best costume so start making your costumes now. A lot of stuff going on that weekend the night before the 23rd, a bunch of bands are playing at the Moon Saloon. Lots of camping available there so make a weekend of it. Get pumped with this edit from a Halloween jam from 8 years ago, wow time flies when your having fun in the woods..

Lots of Photos

Heres a bunch of new photos some are from the Labor Day Jam and some are from a session at Posh the other day. Thanks to Jim Trocchio for taking the photos they came out real good. As for the Halloween Jam coming up things are coming together nicely, Mutiny sent a bunch of stuff for the scavenger hunt more on that later. We also got a camo Villij which will go to winner of best costume, so start planning some sweet costumes. Keep checking back here for more updates on the jam.














What a good weekend of riding, thanks to everyone who came out and donated. Weather was real good and was cool to see all the younger riders shredding. Big plans for Halloween jam coming up, aiming for the weekend of the 24th and 25th of October. Plan your trip now will have a lot of cool stuff going on that weekend, look for the official flyer soon.

DSC_1669 DSC_1670 DSC_1695 DSC_1748 image1 image2

thanks to for the photos

Heroes of Dirt

The day that seemed to never come is now September 4th for the release of Heroes of Dirt in select theaters across the country. It will be playing here at the Promenade in Center Valley so if your coming for the jam and haven’t seen it yet check it out at night. If you want the movie in your city tell the local movie theater or use
Weather has been awesome excited for the jam on Saturday the 5th. Will have a grill going so if you wanna bring food that would be cool. It helps us raise more money if we don’t have to pay for food so if everyone just brings like burgers hot dogs whatever that would help a lot. see ya Saturday

DSC_0183 DSC_0237 Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 7.25.35 PM

Labor Day

Damm summer is going by way to fast, just realized Labor Day is coming up on September 7th. So how about a jam at Catty on September 5th. Weather has been pretty good lately but its raining buckets today. Its a three day weekend so if we get some rain we can move the date of the jam. Maybe a session at Posh one of the days too.  Had a sweet session with the Deluxe dudes check the gram for that. #cattywoods





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