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RIP Dave Mirra

BMX lost a legend, not much else to say. The world is a confusing place. Everyone be kind to each other and ride to have fun.


If you need some good humor and take your mind off things watch Turbo Kid its on Netflix now and available for download.


Freaking huge storm happening right now on the east coast. Had a decent amount of digging going on this winter but thats all put to a stop now going to be awhile before some dirt can be dug again. Heres some videos to watch since most people are stuck indoors for awhile. the internet is weird anymore

Happy Holidays

I forgot to post up the Deluxe trails trip video so check that out if you haven’t below. Heroes of Dirt is finally available on video on demand services and you can order the dvd on Amazon.

Have a safe and Happy New Year

For your viewing consideration

Here’s the last web video for the year. Its all in good fun.


Another Video

Here is another video from Catty and Posh this year for your viewing pleasure. Remember the trails are not free to keep going so please donate if you can, use the paypal button on the side. These videos are for all the people who come out and enjoy the trails throughout the year. Hopefully it gets people psyched on trails too who are not or maybe wanna get back into it, so tell a friend and use social media.

Web Video

Heres a the first video of a couple videos that will come out for your viewing pleasure this year. Link them up, spread the word, thanks..

Weenie Jam Videos

Couple videos from the Halloween Jams that just went down. Thanks to everyone who came out and donated and all the sponsors as usuals.


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