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So some big things in the works, if you have Facebook you might have heard the project going on. But stay tuned because the end result will be awesome. In the mean time been going thru some old photos and videos and thought I would upload this gem from 2009. Crazy to think this was 6 years ago but yeah share this on social media. We all might be getting older but we still got some gas left in the tank. trails rule

New Year

Another year in the books, lets hope this summer’s weather is like last year. Plan your trips now and let us know if you plan on visiting this year. The trails are lonely and we need more locals. Hopefully this video below gets you stoked on traveling and planning a trip for some east coast trails.


Well this video is different vibe then most trail videos, good to see the woods in black and white, and has kind of a halloween feel to it. Was good having the Mutiny guys in town. Check out the article in Dig about it with some really good photos.

This Dolecki photo of Robbo is good, look at the position of the bike, and its the left lip being jumped, soo good.



Another trail season has come and gone, years fly by to quick anymore at least we had a rad year with no bad weather. If you go to the trails and a run has carpet on them dont take it off its shutdown for the year, I know some people forgot to ride trails all year and wanna sneak a session in when its 30 degrees. Big thanks to all the sponsors S&M, Fit, Empire, Mutiny, Backbone and anyone else who helped out or donated.

A lot of stuff happened

The weekend couldnt of went better, even with the cold and windy weather Sunday. Big thanks to everyone who helps out, donates, all the sponsors, once again its not possible to keep the trails going without everyone’s help. Ill let all the photos do all the talking Im sure you can find tons of media all over the web from the Heroes of Dirt festival, Posh Jam, and Catty Halloween Jam.

2014-10-26 11.05.29

2014-10-26 11.19.20

2014-10-26 13.40.50

2014-10-26 12.40.25

2014-10-25 11.30.02

2014-10-25 12.14.29

2014-10-26 13.41.28

2014-10-25 14.30.34

Weekend Happenings

There’s something for everyone this weekend, and the weather should be good lets just hope it isnt too windy like its been lately.
Saturday you got the Posh jam going on, which is real laid back vibe, just bring your bike and ride. Also have stuff going on for the ramp and street riders over at the Allentown 6th and Hamilton parking lot before the Heroes of Dirt movie premiere. Register here for the contest. Also have the big movie premiere at night and lots of parties and stuff going on, make sure you get a ticket if you dont have one. Then Sunday is the Halloween Jam at Catty, remember everyone must pay 5 dollars. EVERYONE must park in the grass field off pearl street, please don’t park in the neighborhoods or piss the neighbors off.
We have lots of little contests and stuff going on, wear a costume and win some sweet stuff, we got custom FBM bars made just for that day. Big thanks to all the sponsors and everyone else who goes above and beyond. Treebell and everyone at Axelrad who prints shirts for everyone, those dudes dont get enough props for what they do. Thanks to Gentilcore for doing all the behinds the scene stuff for the trails. A lot of stuff goes on to make the trails happen every year so thanks again for another kick ass year.


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