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May the 4th…

Does anyone even look at websites anymore. I think the internet is mostly for Instagram and Facebook. Anyway hate to complain but that’s what trail builders do when the weather isn’t going there way. Spring time is when rain is most crucial. This year has been bad, like real bad to the point of nothing is really getting done. If anyone has a water truck or any good ideas that are not really an expensive way of getting water let us know. Man even if we had a water truck for one day to borrow that be sweet. Trucking in water using those 200 gallon containers is ok but we really need a hose hookup. I dont think the town is up for letting us use there water either since we are in a drought.

2015-04-26 13.35.45

Spring dig

I don’t even know why I have to remind people but you don’t need to ask to help dig at Catty or Posh. We could always use the help, especially now in the spring. The carpets and quads help so much but still if we had extra help we could be riding the trails sooner. So many people ride the trails in the summer and fall especially the weekends. Just come once a month on the weekends to help out. You find time to ride the trails when there dialed so find sometime now to help out. No one gets banned from not digging but all we ask is some help here and there from people we see all summer but don’t see in the spring. The trails are there for everyone to enjoy. Help at Catty on Saturday and Posh on Sunday or vice versa. I hope to see some new faces this weekend. Maybe will start having BBQs if we get enough people down. Trails don’t build themselves…. 



I hate having to post stuff like this, but someone who used to ride Catty recently passed away, John Riccaboni. He left behind two young daughters and a wife so a gofundme page was created to help them out. If you can donate a couple bucks or whatever you can it helps them out a lot.


2015-03-16 09.10.38-1


Another long winter, hopefully get some warm temperatures and actually start digging soon, definitely behind already. Stayed tuned for more info on the Catty Iron Works Blast.


You best go buy this video now


So some big things in the works, if you have Facebook you might have heard the project going on. But stay tuned because the end result will be awesome. In the mean time been going thru some old photos and videos and thought I would upload this gem from 2009. Crazy to think this was 6 years ago but yeah share this on social media. We all might be getting older but we still got some gas left in the tank. trails rule

New Year

Another year in the books, lets hope this summer’s weather is like last year. Plan your trips now and let us know if you plan on visiting this year. The trails are lonely and we need more locals. Hopefully this video below gets you stoked on traveling and planning a trip for some east coast trails.


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