Halloween Jam Schedule

Here is the schedule for Halloween jam weekend

Catty water session 10am-11am

Best trick costume contest practice starts at 1 and must register your team by 1. Contest starts at 130 bonus points for matching costumes, winners each receive wooden trophy and free powder coating job from Adc powder coating.

High air starts at 4 and the trails are shut down except for those riding in contest. Water season and fix session afterwards. Winner gets handmade picture frame and prize pack.

After dark is the Fossils party with a mystery band playing and tons of prizes for raffles. Thanks to DWA for donating a frame.

Will also be selling raffle tickets all day for a Mutiny villij frame and have a prize wheel running.

Then the next day at Posh will be the TRA fastest lap contests for the first time ever on qually. There will also be a kids one on the stix line around 12 then followed by the main one.

Big thanks to all the sponsors and everyone involved.

Halloween jam

We got some cool things going for The Halloween jam this year. The high air is on Wham Buzz with a cool original framed picture of the winning air. The Swantz trick jump contest is different this year, as it’s judged as pairs of people. So get a partner now and try to coordinate a costume together. Should be really entertaining and think of last year Big daddy doing the bike switch on it which gave us the idea of having it as a pairs contest.

Will also be doing a prize wheel and after party at Fossils with tons of giveaways raffles etc. Anyone willing to donate prizes and art let us know. Jam the next day at Posh too.