Heck yeah Rob Dolecki comes thru with this awesome poster from actually awhile ago. Thanks to Treebell and the guys over at Axelrad always killing it with printing stuff and helping out on all the graphic design stuff. Head over to Dolecki’s site where you can buy these very soon. Also big thanks to everyone who came out to the Dinner it was a great success.


Benefit Dinner



Sorry for the short notice on this we been wanting to do another dinner for awhile since the last one it was just tough finding a spot. Dave king came thru and found a sweet spot where you can drink and eat and raise money for the trails with live music and videos playing. Its 20 dollars a ticket and kids are allowed to come. Its at HiJinx Brewing

905 Harrison St, Allentown, PA 18103


Buy tickets on the right side of the website thru PayPal. You can pay the day of but we prefer tickets purchased beforehand so we can have a head count for food. thanks and see ya there

Dates, jams, events…

We decided to set a schedule this year for all the stuff going on at Catty and Posh. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to plan trips and get more people psyched on the trails. As the dates get closer will have more info on them, any ideas or help contact us. We are planning to do like a digging jam weekend on April 21-22 and at Catty we want to do a Midschool style swap meet. People can come and set up tables and sell stuff old and new. Anyone interested in this event send an email. Also might be doing another fundraiser dinner coming up and some kind of motorcycle ride. We also hope this will get more people in the area involved in the trails. I know its hard for some people to make it down or are scared but these events are encouraged for anyone to come and help build a better and bigger trail community for everyone to enjoy. Here’s looking to a have a great 2018 and good weather.



We are in the midst of a harsh winter, record cold temps so no winter digging this year which is a bummer. ┬áIf you check the cattywoods Instagram page and look at the stories you can get links to websites from the past. Be on the look out for hidden websites that still exist and will be linked on the Instagram stories. not much else going on, hang in there only 2 months of this madness left…


Man this is a bummer, Denis Mowgly passed away, he was one of the nicest guys who would visit PA. If you can read French and understand this webpage please donate to help out with funeral costs and such, he left behind a wife and young daughter.
Keep checking out the BMX in Our Blood podcasts, every week there is a new one and always exciting to hear about the history of trails in certain scenes.


Trail Video for the year

Heres an edit from some trail riding throughout the year.

If you can come to catty sunday around 12 and help carpet that would be great and posh after we are done there. The better we get the trails all tucked in for winter the less work we have to do in the spring on them. Also looking to do another benefit dinner sometime in the winter so stay tuned for details on that.