woman’s weekend edit

Watch the video below made by Bette, such a cool video with a great vibe which was exactly how the weekend went. Halloween Jam is only 5 days away and I think the weather looks good, fingers cross the forecast doesn’t change. Keep checking back here for more updates on it and more of a loose schedule of events for the day.


Posh High Air

So we’re splitting up the usual jam of one day at Catty and one day at Posh. The posh jam is now on October 21st and will be featuring the 2nd annual High Air comp with a rad trophy made by JBone himself and some cash up for grabs. As per usual this could change with the weather but we have some wiggle room with Sunday available on both jams so stay connected for any weather related changes. And check out the video below from the Woman’s Weekend, this was such a great turnout and can’t wait for more things like this in the works. 

Hey yo 

Couple cool things to look forward to for the jam. Clippers daughter Jayden will be doing caricature drawings for a fee donated to the trails. The Swantz trick jump contest will have celebrity judges and they will pick a top 3 with cash prizes and handmade trophies. Best costume wins a weekend getaway to Woodward. Also got the company pit viper hooking us up with prizes. And The Mainiac himself will be donating some of his fine homemade products. Get stoked it will be here before you know it…

halloween flyer



Any companies interested in sponsoring the jam let us know, we didn’t get to raise that much money this year because of crap weather so were hoping to have a good Halloween Jam raffle and stuff.
Stonedog made a video of some raw footage watch below and check out all the other videos on vimeo people have been missing out on.

halloween and looking ahead

Wow what a year of rain Posh Jam got rained out which was a big bummer, there planning to do the high air contest during Halloween weekend now. As for the Halloween jam weekend everyone keeps asking for a date but its really hard to plan ahead with the crazy weather we have been getting. So right now set in stone will do October 14th Catty Halloween Costume Jam and Posh October 15th High Air non costume jam. Last year we did the jam too late in the year and it was just a windy day with not much riding.  If we get bad weather we can push the jam back to whatever weekend works. But were gonna make sure we have a good jam this year and Halloween Jam 2017 is gonna be sick . Swantz trick jump contest invitational is gonna be Kaarazy. Also remember the womans weekend is Sept 30th at Catty and Posh Oct 1st. We also need people who wanna ride and be involved in a medical research for CTE Sept 9th at Catty, contact the Philly Pump Track people for more info on that phillypumptrack@yahoo.comIMG_5637.JPG






Shirts and store 

We finally have an online store for shirts thanks to Treebell who killed it with some new designs. A limited amount will be available at the Posh jam this Sunday. Order stuff and they will be printed in 3 weeks and after that those designs will not be available ever again. The benefit show will not be this weekend but looking to have one around the Halloween jam. The tentative date is the weekend of the 21st. It’s always a gamble with the weather, if anyone has any suggestions for the date let me know. Thanks to everyone who helped rebuild roller line, it turned out pretty cool. Thanks to Tim Oliver for hooking us up with wood and an awesome new metal sign. Go enjoy the woods


The solar eclipse was awesome and we finally got a nice day of riding with no rain. Next couple weeks should change for the better with the weather. The Posh Labor Day jam is Sunday the 3rd and they are doing the high air contest again. 

Solar Eclipse

This is 99 years in the making, a truly rare event. Will have about 75 percent coverage of the sun at 2:42PM. If you can make it to the trails that would be rad to have big train as long as it doesn’t get too dark during it. Take off work and watch the eclipse in the new open field section of the woods, and bring special glasses don’t stare directly into the sun.


Photos and rain

Barnhart took a bunch of rad photos from the jam that are over on the canyoudigit site. I think every year its proclaimed we get too much rain in the summer but this year has been nuts. July broke all kinds of records for rainfall, and barely any riding has happened since the jam. Its been a bummer but August is usually a good month and September is the best time for trail riding. We been working on the new roller run line so come down if you can lend a hand rebuilding that. Also if you have any trees or bushes you don’t want will gladly take them and replant at the woods. Stay tuned for updates on the Labor Day show and Jam at Posh with another high air contest..