amazon gift cards

Its christmas time and we got some Amazon Gift Cards. Why not donate 50 dollars to us and you will get an Amazon gift card in return.




Man this is a bummer, Denis Mowgly passed away, he was one of the nicest guys who would visit PA. If you can read French and understand this webpage please donate to help out with funeral costs and such, he left behind a wife and young daughter.
Keep checking out the BMX in Our Blood podcasts, every week there is a new one and always exciting to hear about the history of trails in certain scenes.


Trail Video for the year

Heres an edit from some trail riding throughout the year.

If you can come to catty sunday around 12 and help carpet that would be great and posh after we are done there. The better we get the trails all tucked in for winter the less work we have to do in the spring on them. Also looking to do another benefit dinner sometime in the winter so stay tuned for details on that.

Videos to watch

With winter time approaching its tough to get thru the cold months but theres already a ton of videos to check out for the few people that still watch videos. Some are online and some you can buy in physical dvd format. Props just came out with a new issue after a long long break, and it benefits Chris Hallman, its a really good watch and even has a small bit of Catty in it. There is a Garrett Byrnes documentary DVD that is pretty hard to get your hands on a physical copy but if you can i recommend it. Dig is really coming out with some great content and Rob Dolecki just made a great little history of Posh and Jaybone that you can check out below. The weekend of 18th this month were looking to get one last session at the trails and get the trails carpeted up real nice for winter so come down ride and lend a hand. check out the pawoods vimeo page for all the web edits and more to come.

fifty foe

A gofundme page has been set up for Fifty Foe after breaking his femur and needing surgery. The health care system is still so messed up, and wether you have insurance or not any major medical surgery will cost money, so if you have any money to spare send it his way.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 4.15.31 PM

Posh High Air 

What a crazy day yesterday, a lot of good stuff went down but with that comes some injuries. Fiftyfoe went for it all on the high air and ended up breaking his femur, the guy is tough as nails send him some good vibes. I also seen Evan Eisenhard all beat up and his hand not looking good from a crash, hopefully he will be alright. Nutter did something to his hamstring so give him a Hamm’s. At the end of the day it was Clint Reynolds who took the the High air title once again.