The new BMX in our Blood podcast is a good one with Brian Foster. Amazing to hear his mindset on things. Its pretty cool to look back at his old video sections and stuff, pretty lucky to have witnessed many crazy things he did over the years, uploaded his section from save the woods below. I also wonder what happened to the footage Tom Camby has because he’s lurking in the background in a lot of clips filming, hopefully one day he makes a dvd with the hours of unseen footage he has. Also keep an eye on the weather for the jam this weekend, fingers crossed we stay dry.




The sun is finally out rain has stopped and trails are back running. Grab some new sunglasses next time you in the woods ask Randy.

Big thanks to Tasha for all the great photos lately and thanks to s&m like always doing so much for the trails.

Holy Rain

Wow its been raining a lot what a bummer. Lets hope it stops by September 1st. I guess Lil Stauff is calling off the wet and wild tubing day at the river because its too dangerous. There is talks of a kick ball game going down if its not raining, check the socials for more on that. The high air jam should be rad as long as the weather gets good, planning on having a raffle that goes on all day and food for sale.



Lots of stuff coming up so come out. Next weekend is the Gromdad presents Find Your Fight Jam, I went last year and this was a blast.

Stauff Jr is hosting a swim day August 18th, contact him on instagram @mstauff2 for more details

And coming up on September 1st is the 3rd annual high air on the butcher jump and new this year a best whip contest on ft Wayne 3rd jump.


Now that fireworks are legal in PA anything goes, big thanks to Tasha for coming out at night to shoot these rad photos. Follow her at tjl_photo for more rad stuff and hopefully will have more photos from her and some video stuff. click on images to see bigger version. Also try to look at the site on an actual computer not your phone, i cant seem to get the ads off on the mobile version even thou the site is paid for and ads are turned off.




Jam photos

Barnhart got a few photos from the Independence Day Jam at Catty below. Many thanks to everyone who makes the jams happen, this was a really good turnout and helped raise some funds to keep the woods going. Next on the agenda is Wet n Wild day which Mike Stauff is figuring out the final details soon enough, plus the High Air/Labor Day Jam at Posh.


kind of 4th of july

This saturday and sunday the weather is looking good for some good times to be had in the woods. For the first time ever there will be a grill at Posh sunday so just bring your wallet or pocket book and buy some food and drinks. Same thing goes for Catty and also a prize raffle during the day with stuff from Mutiny and Action Wheels. The jumps are there come enjoy the woods and celebrate freedom and independence. New stuff at Catty and Posh for beginners to ride as well.

cattywoods.bbqjamScreen Shot 2018-06-24 at 4.44.51 PM


Its June already but a rainy spring has basically every run ready to ride and big thanks to everyone who has helped dig this spring. We are having the kids jam coming up on Saturday so get there around 12 for free pizza and some giveaways and maybe some pump track races. Donations are welcome that day to help with trail costs.
4th of July is right around the corner and we are doing the jam on the 30th of June because the 4th falls in the middle of the week. plan your trips come and ride…


Pizza and Pump Tracks

This weekend went pretty well at the trails, its been raining a ton so only got a little riding done. Big thanks to all the people who travel to Catty or Posh to help dig, its been a great spring with all the rain we been getting and really stoked on how things are turning out.

Coming up on June 9th we are going to do a Pizza Party Pump Track Day at Catty, basically going to have free pizza and drinks for everyone. This is more focused on getting younger kids into trails and hoping to get some BMX families out and help raise the stoke on trails. We were going to do the same thing at Posh but figured its easier to focus on one, and if it rains we can try for it Sunday.