Damm this video from DeVille is a good one, shows all the shitty weather they had this year in England but got to ride for a little. Insane how much dedication there is in England with building trails, we need this back in PA.

second wind

This weekend was rad it got really warm out and we got to ride some stuff, never thought that would happen after the hurricane. As long as it doesnt get too cold should be good again this weekend. If you live in England and want Catty shirts Robbo has them email him at robbo_mcrobinson@hotmail.com .. He also took over a bike shop in Loughborough so go check that out as well at Kore Store. Here’s a link to another fundraising effort by Bugbee for the BMX movie.

Robbo’s shop 91 Charnwood Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leics, UK, LE12 9NL


Call 01509 508142


Its like Christmas everyday with these new trail edits, the latest is a doozy. Basically Hucker is insane jumping huge sets no footed just doesnt make sense but with everything he does makes it look easy. This is what trails is about making fun stuff for people to ride enjoy and influence.. till next season


Colder weather usually means the end of the trail season but one good thing is all the trail edits everyone puts out this time of year, it seems like everyday there is a new one. I wanna give a shout out to all the English guys who came this fall those guys rule, we need more dedicated trail builders like them. They could of just came and rode the jumps but they raked leaves, fixed jumps, etc we need more dudes like that around here. Now I know why there are so many trails in England, they got some kind of trail fever over there and need to get it going on here. If you want Catty shirts in England hit up Robbo he brought some back with him, so find him somewhere lurking in Loughborough..


Wow a slew of trail edits to get you started to get thru winter, it got really cold already so chances of riding again are slim. Posh really took it bad and had massive trees fall so everyone should try and help out down there..