Hail storm






Some years we have a jam on Memorial Day. Well not this year as you can see we got hit by one of the worst storms I have ever seen. PA weather seems to get crazier every year, I hope we don’t get too many more storms like that. Still have some work to do to finish some jumps so come down and lend a hand weekend warriors.

One thought on “Hail storm

  1. Hi,this plugin is really cool I don’t get it why it’s not native…You say, reordering pages will leave them on the same level but I can’t figure out how to put a toplevel-page as the last page, after a child page. the top-level-page gets converted to a child, which i don’t want. so actually, with this I can’t use this plugin Apart from that, what would be cool: ich you place a page below another mor left, level it up, mor right make it child and centered have it on the same level. but this isn’t essential in opposite of preserving the page level as described above.

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