trail jam and ebay

The jam went down good besides the off and on wind and dry conditions. No rain in sight is not good thou, definitely need some moisture to redial the trails in and stuff. Was a real good turnout and raised some decent money once again. Foster won the fastest time thru drunk run, he won a Verde frame so he gave it back to us to sell. We are selling it on eBay now, go here if you want a nice new frame and it helps us out in the process. We also have a Odyssey Classic Front Load stem on eBay, go here and Im sure it will end up cheaper then buying it from a store. We also have a Mutiny Animist frame which is pictured below (Jay Bone won it in the raffle and gave it back, what a sweet dude), its a really nice frame and hoping to hook someone up with that and give them a good deal on it. Anyone interested in this frame let us know, its 20.75. Once again thanks to all the sponsors for donating product, Ted for running the grill again and everyone else who helped. I think someone was filming or taking a picture at every possible second, so Im sure tons of pics and videos will pop up soon. I have a few photos here and cant wait to see Nat’s crazy zip line footage again with his new futuristic filming device.






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