Here is the latest flyer for the Halloween jam with all the sponsors on it big thanks to them for helping out. Spread the word, post the flyer everywhere..

As for the jam everyone has to pay 5 bucks it gets you into the contests for the day where you can win stuff for best costume, fastest lap thru 79, and longest lap thru westside. We have had too many jams where dudes just show up ride, don’t give any money or fill out the waiver. We hate to be more strict but at least during the jams we can try to make some money for the trails. Its the only time we ask people to give money to the trails, we don’t want to have to turn into a skate park that charges you every time you have to ride. Now everyone can talk shit about this now, but whatever I’m sick of defending ourselves you wanna see the huge legal and insurance bills for proof just ask and will show. Check out Dirtsculpt site for updates on new builds and stuff going on.

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